We are back!

We know we've been gone for much too long. Between closing up our former business, moving, finding new homes for over a decades worth of supplies, tools and inventory, and just general lockdown depression. It's taken us far too long to get back to what we love and to you and our amazing community. It' been a process, but we are finally turning the corner.

One of our biggest delays has been creating new inventory, our tools were lost for quite a while during the move (we thought we put it somewhere safe, but it was so safe even we couldn't find them), and after going through almost everything they were finally found. Then we had to figure out how to get our work fired as we didn't have a location with the electrical or space to operate our large kilns. We decided to buy a small one to use at home but discovered very quickly in January when we placed the order there was a 3-4 month wait due to a high covid demand and delays. The good news is, our kiln is arriving next week! So we can finally get back to what we love, creating new fun pieces.


We also think the timing couldn't be more perfect, with 420 coming up later this month. So make sure to watch for big things coming soon. 😁

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