About Us

Hi, We are Karin & Rachel the owners of High Koalaty. 

 If you're curious how we got started, it was technically founded out of nagging. The year Karin started ceramics in university, all her friends kept asking when she would make them a bong.

As her skill grew (the pottery wheel is NOT as easy as it looks), she started with custom personal-sized bongs for friends. They were small, cute, discreet and highly functional. We also discovered that when turned around it looked just like a vase (so it was possible to keep it out in the open, on display, even when you had unsuspecting family over).

After graduation, Karin continued to sell her own pottery and soon after our sister company called GlazeCraze.ca (a local paint your own pottery studio in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada) was opened in 2008 and expanded us to a whole new market. Paintyourownbong.com was born!

Since then we expanded to offer roach banks, an even more adorable (and easy to leave out on display) way to hide those ugly hand-rolled roaches. Wood Signs and now pipes, ash trays, and more!

As of 2020 we have grown to a 2 woman show as Rachel made us a team, bringing her expertise in all things cannabis and with several other helpers who are just as passionate about our success as we are, we rebranded to High Koalaty Smokeware. We felt the name change was needed as our products have grown in quality, functionality and beauty over the years and we offered so much more than just a paint your own bong experience.

We hope to expand your smoking enjoyment with our smokeware and accessories and would love to hear from you so we can continue to improve and make our products the best they can be.