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Second Sale | Mini Pipe | Lana Pipe

Second Sale | Mini Pipe | Lana Pipe

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This beach-themed pipe will remind you of breezy summer days by the ocean no matter what time of year or weather you are experiencing. Named after the song "High By The Beach" by Lana Del Ray. A lightweight & beautiful piece of art you will want to both use and display.

Our minis are a smaller version of our popular original pipes. They have a large hollow interior with a convenient choke on the side. The glossy finish makes it easy to clean & comfortable to hold.

Made of Porcelain, (a great insulator) and approx 3.5” in length x .75" in diameter.

This is part of our seconds sale as it is not a true Lana collection pipe. We experimented with some different blues and it has a slightly different look because of it, it also is missing the gold accents that our regular collection pieces have. It's 100% functional and gorgeous on its own though, so snag this beautiful and one-of-a-kind pipe before it's gone forever.

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